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Our Mission

     The mission of Mercury City Couriers is to strengthen and support local economic ties by acting as a crucial link in the commercial and capital chains binding together the city of San Francisco while practicing a democratic and empowering workplace model.

     Mercury City Couriers is the latest iteration by members of the bike messenger community to ensure the continuation of their livelihood. In order to secure a dignified livelihood, the Mercury City Couriers have committed to providing the necessary service of responsive, secure, and reliable bike courier services throughout the city of San Francisco.

The current team is young and eager to make an impact not only on the local economy of San Francisco but also the urban cultural scene by bridging together many different aspects of a living city.

     Mercury City Couriers is helmed by Miel Amial-Dominguez, a young trans Latina who has spent the past two years on the road as a bike courier in many different capacities; with the past three years as an independent contractor managing her own resources and client relations and the past half a decade contributing to collectively managed and operated small businesses. Through the professional development provided by the Transgender District and the Renaissance Center, she has been able to assemble a strong team of dedicated and skillful couriers interested in helming their own projects of economic self-sufficiency.

     To this end, Mercury City Couriers has been formed as a member-managed and owned LLC committed to practicing democratic and non-hierarchical workplace practices in order to make a lasting impact on the courier and logistics industry within San Francisco.

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